Compact, durable, elegant, Akinod 12H34 cutlery proves an invaluable everyday utensil to accompany your nomadic meals, on the roof of the world or a park bench, cross-legged on the floor, leaning against a table corner or comfortably sitting at your desk.

With magnets, the knife, spoon and fork assemble for easy storage. Detached, this cutlery offers unequalled comfort.

In a diversity of design and material, Akinod 12H34 cutlery is available to match your mood and preferences.

Akinod: It’s not where you eat, but how 

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Olive wood

Akinod opts for robust: the matte finish on the titanium grey of the steel is embellished with olive wood, all connected by an elegant red border.

Price $44.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Blue mosaic

In nuances of blue, the handle of this cutlery stands out thanks to its geometric relief. Original, captivating and, as always, practical, this Akinod will quickly become the ideal companion for...

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Jungle

Whether a diehard explorer or a lover of nature walks, this wild-looking Akinod cutlery will transform all your meals into a real adventure.

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Hibiscus

Adorn your Akinod cutlery with the grace of a hibiscus flower, embellished here in a colourful reproduction. With its unique allure, this model will dress all your meals with a definitive spring...

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Helianthemum Red

Known for orienting itself towards the Sun, the helianthemum embodies the joy of living and the pleasure of the outdoors. Select this ornament for your cutlery to embody the enthusiasm of your...

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Downtown purple

An Akinod proudly decorated with the complex structure of a city tinted in intense purple. Enjoy your cutlery for all meals in the great outdoors, without foregoing elegance and finesse.

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Downtown green

Match your meals on the go with a fresh and natural note, with features reminiscent of the city’s mazes. Its bright tones and transparent coating envelop the handle of this light and original set.

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Downtown red

A clever mixture of red and warm notes colours the handle of this cutlery. The deliberately harmonious result is reminiscent of the savoury pigments of summer fruits.

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Downtown orange

What could be better than the lightness of these orange tones to decorate your cutlery? Enjoy your meal with this remarkable model, in soft colours and an urban design.

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Downtown black

In a solid contrast between black and white, this cutlery takes a dream-like look at the city. Its meticulous, refined style will accompany you on all your nomadic lunches, whether on a cafe...

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Downtown blue

Opt for the deep nuances of this Akinod for each of your outdoor meals. Blending the cutting edge of our blades with the power of navy blue, this fine cutlery model offers you the comfort of a meal...

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Downtown white

With this motif inspired by urban maps, Akinod pays homage to its primary inspirations: exploration and freedom. Whether around a soup or a salad, this light-coloured model will add a touch of...

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Downtown azure

Get carried away by the flow of fresh blue colours in this cutlery, ideal to accompany your summer meals. Etched in the manner of the big cities, its surface will inspire you in your urban...

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Pastoral

Need to add a bucolic note to your nomadic meals? Let yourself be tempted by the resolutely relaxing colours of this cutlery, which will add blossoms and birdsong to your lunchbox, both at the...

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, Art déco

In perfect symmetry, delicate and harmonious lines adorn this cutlery. Enjoy a summer picnic while sporting a style that no longer has to prove itself.

Price $34.90

Straight Cutlery 12H34, 1922

With this design inspired by the Roaring Twenties, the invitation to travel with our cutlery is also accompanied by a journey back in time. For all your outdoor lunches, combine the charm of Gatsby...

Price $34.90
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