Folding and multifunctional, Akinod 13H25 cutlery is an essential everyday companion. At lunch or on a break during the work week, as well as on a picnic, on vacation or on weekends, it is a knife, spoon, fork and also a corkscrew, can-opener and bottle opener, a useful and practical accessory for all your nomadic meals.

Akinod: It’s not where you eat, but how 

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, Olive wood

A matte finish in grey titanium adorns the steel of this Akinod multifunction cutlery, which stands out for its robustness. Finely adorned with a red border, offering a warm and comfortable handle...

Price $44.90

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, Blue mosaic

With its delectably retro look, your multifunction cutlery folds and unfolds as desired while keeping its style intact. Whether a lunch in the countryside or at the office, take advantage of the...

Price $34.90

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, Jungle

It is in the jungle that your multifunction cutlery will be most useful. Without getting lost, enjoy the colourful foliage of your Akinod with its comfort and performance during a drink with...

Price $34.90

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, Hibiscus

Coloured in a deep harmony of mauve and blues, the handle of this multifunction cutlery is brightened with a charming hibiscus note. At a terrace table or out in the middle of nature, bring this...

Price $34.90

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, Helianthemum Red

Combine the vibrancy of the helianthemum and the functionality of Akinod with this multifunction cutlery for your lunches on a terrace and your summer aperitifs with friends.

Price $34.90

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, Downtown purple

A vibrant, enthusiastic tribute to urban exploration, here meticulously tinted in intense purple. Compact and elegant, this multifunction cutlery makes an ideal companion for all your outdoor meals.

Price $34.90

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, Downtown red

Select this multifunctional Akinod cutlery here adorned in a delicious fiery red. With its performance and colour, a warm note will accompany you on all your adventures.

Price $34.90

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, Downtown orange

What could be better than a tangy orange to decorate the handle of your multifunction cutlery? For lunch, an aperitif, or simply a snack, equip your Akinod with a fruity touch.

Price $34.90

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, Downtown white

A luminous, fine handle imbued with the colours of the city. Useful and essential for your outdoor meals, your Akinod multifunction cutlery is now adorned with a definitively contemporary look.

Price $34.90

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, Pastoral

With a rich bouquet of colours, this multifunction cutlery embodies the warmth and friendliness of summer’s return. Bring these fragrant notes with you no matter where you eat.

Price $34.90

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, Art déco

Opt for the advantages of Akinod multifunction cutlery, here adorned with a pattern inspired by one of Auguste Perret’s quintessential designs, to enjoy your lunch in comfort and style.

Price $34.90

Multifunction Cutlery 13H25, 1922

A vintage-style Akinod, intimately linked to the ambiance of the greatest cabarets of the 1920s, always ready for adventure. On a park bench or by the sea, enjoy this elegantly crafted...

Price $34.90
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