To peel a fruit at a moment’s notice, prepare a salad on the go, slice cold cuts or cheese, in the morning, at lunch, for a snack or during an aperitif with friends, the Akinod 18H07 knife offers a precise, formidable edge. Foldable, it can be stored easily in a pocket or drawer and always remain safely at hand.

Akinod: It’s not where you eat, but how.

Folding Paring Knife 18H07, Blue mosaic

Outdoors or in the kitchen, these playful and colourful patterns add a note of good humour to your knife. Foldable and easy to use, discover its bluish notes as well as its practicality.

Price $34.90

Folding Paring Knife 18H07, Olive Wood

For your Akinod, the sturdiness of untreated wood is combined with a folding blade in soft, elegant reflections. A harmonious result for a powerful and practical paring knife that will look as good...

Price $44.90

Folding Paring Knife 18H07, Ebony

For all your recipe ideas, this Akinod paring knife is the perfect companion: a practical and efficient folding blade with a secure and robust grip, guaranteed by the unparalleled solidity of its...

Price $44.90

Folding Paring Knife 18H07, Coral Wood

A sweet savour is about to enchant your meal preparations, with this paring knife made from the delicately woody nuances of coral wood. Sturdy and suitable for all meals, this little Akinod with a...

Price $44.90

Folding Paring Knife 18H07, Jungle

Appreciate the wild and exotic motif that adorns the handle of this knife. Whether exploring the Amazon river or the streets of Paris, its folding blade will always be useful to you.

Price $34.90

Folding Paring Knife 18H07, Hibiscus

The hibiscus, a graceful and aromatic flower, adorns the handle of this Akinod knife. Revel in its intense colours as well as its sharp, folding blade during your time in the kitchen.

Price $34.90

Folding Paring Knife 18H07, Helianthemum Red

When preparing your summer meals, like helianthemum opt for the joie de vivre of this this folding knife finely adorned in summer flowers, adding warm notes to your kitchen.

Price $34.90

Folding Paring Knife 18H07, Downtown blue

An intense blue decorates the handle of this folding knife. At the table, in the kitchen or around a picnic, appreciate its versatility as well as its remarkable style.

Price $34.90

Folding Paring Knife 18H07, Diagonal

The handle of this paring knife possesses quite the art. Playing on a clever mix between the modern and the geometric, this Akinod with its dynamic folding blade dazzles in its illustration.

Price $34.90

Folding Paring Knife 18H07, Pastoral

While cooking, let yourself be drawn to the bucolic notes of this folding knife. Enough to adorn all your meals, outdoors or at the family table, imbued with a little spring air in the countryside.

Price $34.90

Folding Paring Knife 18H07, Arabesques

Finely adorned in a time-honoured design, this paring knife is distinguished by the finesse of its arabesques. An Akinod combining tradition and modernity, with assured elegance, which will please...

Price $34.90
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